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4 Tips to Hiring Association Maintenance Services

Maintaining thriving common spaces within a community association involves more than just ensuring individual homes are well-kept. Common areas such as parks, pools, fitness facilities, and event buildings also require consistent upkeep to enhance residents’ quality of life and protect property values. However, the process of hiring maintenance services for your HOA can be complex, especially when balancing budgetary constraints and residents’ expectations. To streamline this process and ensure the best outcomes for your community, we put together the following tips:

1. Assess Your Community’s Needs

Before diving into the hiring process, take stock of your community’s maintenance requirements. Compile a comprehensive list of areas that necessitate routine upkeep and prompt repairs, considering amenities like playground equipment, pool facilities, walkways, lighting, and common buildings. By understanding your specific needs, you can better tailor your search for maintenance services that align with your community association’s budget and priorities.

2. Evaluate Onsite vs. Outsourced Solutions

Decide whether hiring an onsite maintenance coordinator or outsourcing services is more suitable for your association. For larger communities with extensive maintenance demands, employing a dedicated staff member may offer cost-effectiveness and greater control over operations. Conversely, smaller associations or those with limited budgets may find outsourcing to be a more practical option. Collaborating with an association management company ca­­­n facilitate the process of sourcing reliable maintenance resources and coordinating service delivery. Avid Contractors offers a simple alternative—fully covered maintenance at a predetermined monthly fee. We save associations an average of 30% on their annual maintenance fee!

3. Conduct Thorough Research and Budget Analysis

Take the time to research potential maintenance companies thoroughly. Seek recommendations, read reviews, and compare pricing structures to ensure compatibility with your budgetary constraints. Remember that the goal is to maintain community areas to a high standard while staying within your association’s financial parameters. Prioritize reputable companies that offer transparent pricing, tailored service plans, and a proven track record of excellence. Analyze costs diligently to determine whether an onsite or outsourced solution is the most cost-effective for your association’s needs.

4. Interview Multiple Companies

Before making a final decision, interview multiple maintenance companies to gauge their expertise, service offerings, and compatibility with your community’s requirements. Inquire about their experience working with associations, the range of maintenance services they provide, their approach to repairs, and pricing structures. Additionally, assess their availability and responsiveness, especially if your community necessitates year-round care for multiple structures. By conducting thorough interviews, you can ensure that you select a company that not only meets your budget but also delivers exceptional service and reliability.

Navigating the complexities of HOA maintenance can be daunting for volunteer board members. Consider partnering with Avid Contractors to streamline the process and access expert guidance. A reputable maintenance company like Avid can assist in assessing your maintenance needs, coordinating vendor relationships, and optimizing budget allocation. With our support, you can ensure that your community remains vibrant, well-maintained, and conducive to residents’ safety and satisfaction.


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