6 Things To Consider When Selecting Window Treatments

Quick Tips For Selecting Window Treatments

Choosing the right window treatment for your home may seem overwhelming at first. However, when you start to consider the important factors below, you’re sure to find a solution that works best for you and your family’s lifestyle.

(1) Space

How your space is used will help to decide the best design style for your window treatment. Are you using the space for work, relaxation, or entertainment? Will you be working with electronics in the room? This includes televisions, computer monitors, or other devices with screens that can be sensitive to glare.

(2) Color

How do you feel about some color? Today’s window treatments are available in a variety of colors. What kind of feeling or “mood” do you want to embody in the room? Are you going for soft and elegant, or casual and comfortable? Classic and traditional, or clean and contemporary?

(3) Privacy

Would privacy and safety would be a primary concern? For privacy, bedrooms and bathrooms is the key to consider and for safety, with children and pets in the home, look for a window covering that has safety features such as a motorized or cordless lift.

(4) Exposure

Check the window’s exposure to the sun. A window with a southern or western exposure may cause fluctuations in temperature throughout the room. Also be on the lookout for any direct sunlight, as it can bleach textiles unevenly.

(5) Shading

How much control over light do you need? For maximum control over shading at your fingertips, consider horizontal or vertical blinds. You can easily redirect light or change the complexion of a room by tilting the slats at your window.

(6) Appearance

The view of your home from a cosmetic perspective changes dramatically with the application of any window treatment. It is important to examine the style of shades you want to install, and keep in mind that some communities have covenants in place that prevent non-neutral window coverings that are visible from the outside.

Nothing makes a home feel more complete than window treatments. If you need any help with the installation process, feel free to call 833-GET-AVID, email info@avidcontractors.com, or complete our fast form below.

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