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Do You NEED a General Contractor?

Let me guess, you watched one too many renovation videos on the internet and instead of hiring a general contractor you’re thinking about tackling that renovation project yourself? There’s nothing more rewarding than wiping the sweat off your forehead, patting yourself on the back and looking at the work you’ve completed but do you know what it really takes? Sure, it may take you longer than usual to get it done but hey you did it all by yourself right?

While it may appear that a DIY renovation will save you money, it certainly won’t save you time and it may cost you more than hiring a general contractor if you don’t know what you are doing.

Below, are some pretty convincing reasons as to why you SHOULD hire a general contractor:

Highly Experience

Renovating can be a complex task. A general contractor is skillful and experienced on various projects and knowledgeable of smaller details that you may overlook. This knowledge can be best used to make you aware of cost saving opportunities or higher quality materials that may be needed.

Saves You Money

Although it may sound contradicting, working with a general contractor can save you money over the course of the project. When working directly with subcontractors, you may be charged more based on your lack of knowledge of supplies needed, what it will take to complete the job etc.

General contractors have relationships with many subcontractors and can get the lowest bid for the work that needs to be done. Also, general contractors have built a relationship with suppliers and can get better pricing on materials.

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Time Efficiency

Doing renovations yourself will more than certainly take more time than expected. General contractors will provide you with a project timeline and typically meet the deadline considering unforeseen factors such as weather.

Knowledgeable About Permit Requirements

General contractors local to your area typically understand what permits are required to do certain renovations. Imagine spending time building that outdoor deck you always wanted just to find out that it’s not permitted due to the height or size requirements. Some projects are better left to the experts.

Licensed Insured Stamp

Licensed and Insured

Hiring your friends to help you do your renovation may sound like a good idea but what happens if someone gets injured? Surely you did not think to get liability insurance, now the decision to hire your friends is not so cost effective. Reputable general contractors are licensed and insured to protect you, themselves and subcontractors in the case of any unfortunate accidents.

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